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Advice for separated parents during isolation

Val Shaw Head of Vincents Care Department

Lockdown can be a trying time for all of us, some of us are worrying about elderly parents or underlying medical conditions, trying to work from home and home school the children. Sadly, there are also many children who have parents who are separated and trying to navigate their way through this worrying time.

This can be particularly difficult if you already have a strained relationship with your ex partner. But in these trying times the most important thing you can do is work together to try and alleviate some of the anxiety that your children will be feeling by communicating in the best possible positive ways. Try and focus on how you both equally want what’s best for the children.

Here Val Shaw from our Care team makes suggestions to try and make this happen.

1. Talk out what each of you and the children think is the best possible solution to access during isolation, is one or both of you concerned about moving the children between homes? Are the children anxious about moving between homes? Is one or both parents still working or homeworking?

2. Establish what works best for the whole family regarding shared access and agree in advance what activities and routine inside and outside the home. Also discuss here what each other would not be happy with, taking the kids to the supermarket for example.

3. Keep in mind that current access arrangements may have to be more flexible during lock down, but perhaps that could be weighed up against more time later on if one parent is spending less time than usual with the children?

4. Technology is a saviour during Lockdown, Video Calls, Zoom, House Party, Facetime are all great ways at keeping in touch and maybe a regular scheduled call could be agreed between everyone?

5. Make sure that you’re both consistent in your approach and reassure the children that this won’t last forever and you are both still around to love and support them no matter your personal differences.

6. If things are difficult between you and you can’t seem to agree on a sensible way forward we are here and can arrange urgent telephone and video conferencing calls with a mediator.

If you need any advice on this matter please do not hesitate to get in touch


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