How do I make a will during Covid?

In our new regular column, we hear from director Lisa Lodge, a senior private client solicitor with more than 20 years’ experience.

A client called me today who wanted to update her will.

She presumed she couldn’t because we couldn’t meet at our office.

I was delighted to tell her that she couldn’t be more wrong.

And she was delighted to hear it.

The Law Society has provided solicitors with Covid-safety-specific guidance which has allowed us to adapt and adjust how we work.

Vincents has also reviewed all the available government, health and legal guidance to implement processes which have allowed us to continue working for our clients very effectively since the earliest days of Lockdown back in March.

And the legal sector has been allowed to make some important changes to ensure we can provide our clients with the services they need during a pandemic. For example, there is no longer the requirement for documents to be physically witnessed by someone in the same room, as has always been the case. Now a document can be witnessed remotely by video link, or by someone standing outside a window to ensure safe distancing.  We don’t necessarily need a face-to-face meeting, we can take instruction over the phone or via video call if the client prefers to see a friendly face, and we can help clients unfamiliar with the technology to set this up and get online or seek support from their family bubble to help.

Any worry the lady had was quickly alleviated, and we have agreed an appointment next week via Facetime, a video calling facility she is familiar with. We can also Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or even Whats App Video if that’s what the client prefers.  In a way, the whole process of making wills has actually become much more friendly and less onerous for clients with the use of this new technology. Rather than making a trip to the office, and the potential stress that can induce for some, instructions can be provided from the comfort of your own living room at a time to suit you. It’s been particularly helpful to clients who struggle with mobility, or who prefer to have the support of a family member who might not otherwise have been able to join them for the office appointment.

I’ve always been proud of the progressive ‘client-first’ approach taken by the team here at Vincents, and it’s wonderful to see how the whole business has adapted to recent events, and how our clients have embraced the new way of doing things.  Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure we can support our clients with planning for the future. Together, we have dealt with the challenges wrought by Covid and can still ensure that should the worst happen your will is in place and your estate will pass to those you want it to.

Don’t put it off because you think we can’t help, we can and will. Contact our experienced, professional and supportive private client team on 01772 555 176.