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Guide to Fractures


Comminuted Fractures: These are fractures that occur by severe force, where the bone splinters and shatters into more than 2 pieces.

Delayed Union Fractures: These are fractures where the bones are taking longer than normal to heal.

Greenstick Fractures: These fractures usually occur in children as their bones are still normally soft. They splinter but do not break in two and is usually caused by acute sudden force.

Mal-union Fractures: These fractures heal incorrectly and out of alignment.

Non- union Fractures: These fractures do not heal

Oblique Fractures: These are fractures that are not only broken across the bone but also at an angle.

Spiral Fractures: These are fractures that create an oblique fracture through and around the bone.

Transverse Fractures: These are fractures that occur when the bone is broken straight across.

Union Fractures: This is the healing of the fracture fragments of the bone.

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