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Leg Injury Claims

Suffering from a leg injury can be debilitating and cause great inconvenience. Whether you were involved in a road accident or a workplace injury, if it wasn’t your fault – but down to someone else’s negligence – you may be eligible for compensation.

Vincents Solicitors covers a variety of leg injury claims, from workplace accidents to medical negligence. We will take care of the strenuous legal work, so you can focus on your recovery. Our specialist teams are based in a variety of locations throughout the North West, such as Preston, Garstang, Lytham, Penwortham and Chorley. This is within touching distance of Manchester and the surrounding area.

What Should You Do, If You Sustain An Injury During An Accident?

Be clear about which party was negligent. Finding medical attention is your main priority, but if you’re able, take down the contact details of the negligent party. Keep records of the diagnosis your doctor gives you and any financial costs related to your injuries. Any evidence of negligence, such as photographs or eye witnesses, will also help strengthen your case, if you wish to claim for compensation.

Left untreated, even the smallest injuries can become serious. We can’t stress this enough: always seek medical attention, even if you think your leg damage is minor and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Why Should You Make A Claim?

Vincents Solicitors can ensure you recuperate the long term and short term monetary losses caused by the accident. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could experience a loss of earnings, a decreased quality of life, and severe medical expenses. Being unable to move (temporarily or permanently) can mean time off work and a reduced social life too.

Of course, you also deserve compensation for the pain and suffering the injury has caused you. With help from Vincents Solicitors, you won’t find yourself out of pocket, due to someone else’s negligence. We have a wealth of experience and take the stress out of legal proceedings, so you can focus on recuperation.

How Much Compensation Are You Eligible For?

The golden question. Although we can give you a rough estimate, so you know what to expect, the compensation you receive will depend on how severely affected you are by your leg injury. For more information, get in touch with Vincents Solicitors, or check out our Claims Calculator.

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