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Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Recovery, Replacement Vehicles, Car Hire and Bodyshop Repairs Service

Being in a Road Traffic Accident can be a frightening experience and even if you’re lucky enough to escape uninjured it can also be a very inconvenient experience, especially if your car has been damaged, needs repairing or has been written off as a result of the accident. That’s why our Road Traffic Accident team offer a full vehicle recovery, repair and replacement vehicle service. Call our Road Traffic Accident Team for all the details.

Why should I use your Vehicle Recovery and Repair Service?

By using our full accident recovery and repair service in most circumstances your claim will be processed more quickly, the repair authorised faster and your vehicle will be back to you quicker, which means less inconvenience to you and we will take care of all the costs. We can also provide you with a replacement vehicle whilst your own is off the road, the cost of which will also be covered as part of your claim.

What is the Vehicle Recovery Service?

If you’ve been in a Road Traffic Accident and you are unable to drive your vehicle then we can arrange for a recovery truck to collect the vehicle and take it to the nearest repair centre. We will organise a full engineers report to be carried out on the vehicle. This is vital in order to detect all of the damage done in the accident. The engineers report will also pick up any unseen damage from what are known as Low Velocity Impacts. Low Velocity Impact Damage may not cause you any immediate problems with your vehicle but undetected it can cause you a few headaches down the line, particularly financially, as you won’t be able to retrospectively claim for damages. Our Road Traffic Accident team will claim for any costs from the fault party insurer.

Can you tell me about your Bodyshop Repair Service?

Once your vehicle has been recovered and a full engineers report has been carried out we will then contact the third party insurer for authorisation of the repairs. We work with a network of repairers across the UK and will organise the repairs on your behalf, hopefully making the whole ordeal less stressful for you. Our clients value this service particularly if they have been injured in the accident or have busy lives without the time to make endless phone calls to organise things for themselves.

Will I get a Replacement Vehicle?

Our service also includes organising a replacement vehicle for you as soon as possible. The vehicle will be like for like with your own and our clients appreciate the speed at which this is done so that again they are inconvenienced as little as possible. We will gain authority for the cost of your replacement vehicle automatically from the third party insurer as part of your compensation claim.

How do I access the Vehicle Recovery and Repair Service?

One of our Road Traffic Team will organise everything for you as part of your compensation claim. 

For any enquiries regarding Vehicle Recovery please contact our Personal Injury Solicitors department on 01772 555 176
Or enquire online here.