Pressure sore case costs the NHS £3million

A 61 year old pensioner left paralysed by an extremely rare spinal infection, who was left in a sever condition as a result of suffering pressure sores she developed while in Staffordshire hospitals, has won millions of pounds in compensation from the NHS.

The 61 year old patient was admitted to North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary in 2008 following a very unusual inflammation of the spinal cord which left her paralysed from the chest down. However, during her stay she developed a number of pressure sores, which were sustained as a result of a failure of staff to keep her regularly turned in her hospital bed.

The sores where so sever that they infected her bone marrow, shortening her leg muscle tissue and resulted in a hip dislocation.

Following an admission of a significant breach of duty by the hospital trust, the matter went to Trial. Mr justice Foskett, although acknowledging that the claimant was seriously injured by the spinal condition, went on to rule that the pressure sore effects had made “her plight much worse”.

The actual amount of compensation, which was agreed outside of court was approximately £3milion and was designed to reflect the addition care both now and in the future (she requires 24 hour a day care) and accommodation needs.

Jonathan Wheeler, vice president of APIL stated “…. the best way for the cash-strapped NHS to avoid having to pay compensation is to avoid the negligence which leads to needless injuries in the first place."

Carlos Lopez, Director and Head of clinical Negligence at Vincent’s Solicitors commented “ This is an extremely sad case involving someone who, in addition to having to come to terms with life changing paralysis, has also had to suffer greater serious injury through neglect. The level of damages in this whilst extremely high, reveals just how serious the effects of pressure sore neglect can be on a patient.  I have acted for many claimants who have suffered from pressure sores and its poignant that in many cases, this type of neglect can be avoided."

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