Clinical Negligence team boost for Vincents

Vincents Solicitors has appointed senior solicitor Debora Harrison to its clinical negligence team within the firm’s personal injury department. Debora joins Vincents from Linder Myers in Lytham, prior to that she was with Birchall Blackburn in Preston.

An experienced clinical negligence solicitor, Debora handles cases involving surgical mistakes, GP or nurse errors, misdiagnosis or diagnosis delay, with fatal and life-changing outcomes. During her career she has successfully secured settlements for clients and their families, including two of £1.5 million and multiple six figure sums.

She said: “Clinical negligence is one of the most tragic areas of the law, where vulnerable clients have been let down by the professionals in whom they placed their trust. Often their injuries are so life changing that only a significant settlement can allow them to access the on-going care and support they need and try to find a way to live with the physical and psychological consequences of what has gone wrong, or to provide for their family in fatal injury cases.

“I am wholly supportive of our NHS and its dedicated medics, and many patients are treated every day without incident, but when something goes wrong it absolutely has to be investigated and addressed. Recent changes to the law require healthcare providers to inform and apologise to patients where mistakes have led to serious harm. This is very much a step in the right direction but not all healthcare providers are fully compliant with this new requirement, which adds to a patient’s distress and often leads them to seek legal advice.

“I also believe there is a postcode lottery for healthcare services, insofar as access to some treatments is better in some places than others. One growing area for us is people whose diagnosis or treatment has been delayed, causing additional injury or in some unfortunate cases depriving a patient of the opportunity to obtain curative treatments. We hope that by bringing these cases and highlighting instances of negligence, that we can not only secure justice for our clients but also contribute to the authorities reviewing and improving the service for future patients.”

A married mother-of-two, Debora lives in Longridge and enjoys travel, reading, watching movies, and riding her 650 motorcycle around the Ribble Valley. Her professional experience and friendly, approachable manner were considered the ideal fit for Vincents.

Olivia Robinson, head of the clinical negligence department, said: “Debora is a professional and dedicated solicitor with more than 16 years’ experience in this sector, with a passion and commitment to fighting for her clients which really stood out. She has an extremely strong track record of achieving significant settlements for her clients, and is known for her compassionate approach, which is vital when working with people who have suffered from clinical negligence. We are very pleased to welcome Debora as a senior member of our growing clinical negligence department.”

Debora will work alongside Olivia Robinson, litigation executive Denise Singleton and personal assistant Hayley Mars in the clinical negligence team. In addition to clinical negligence, Vincents also has an expert road traffic accident team and Public and Employer Liability specialists dealing with accidents at work and slips, trips and falls claims.


Picture Debora Harrison with and Olivia Robinson.