Research into Gaming Alzheimers Risk

 Playing action games for too long could cause risk of Alzheimer’s

Millions of young boys could be at serious risk from mental illness and Alzheimer’s disease in later life by playing action video games.

According to new research studies have shown that there is reduced volume in the hippocampus, which controls emotion and memory learning and is associated with psychological and neurological disorders such as depression and dementia.
Young people who play a lot of action video games may have reduced their hippocampal integrity, which is what is associated with the cause of Alzheimer’s.
By the time they are 21, it is estimated the average person will have racked up nearly 10,000 hours of gaming and in a recent study of teenager’s it showed that the “reward hub” which is usually involved in addiction, was larger in people who played action games on a regular basis.
Denise Singleton, Litigation Executive with Vincents Solicitors said this is a worrying statistic as lots of children don’t realise the harm they are doing to their brains by playing games constantly.