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Tougher Penalties for drivers using mobiles

Tougher penalties for drivers using mobiles are being considered in a bid to improve road safety. It may lead to more bans for those who tot up points...

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Vincents’ new corporate crime expert brings London networking group to the North West The Female Fraud Forum is set to launch in Manchester thi...

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Further Government Cuts to Legal Aid Planned

Trevor Colebourne of Vincents Solicitors in Preston and Blackpool says: Everyone is entitled to legal representation, regardless of their ability ...

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 Do You Commit Driving Offences Without Even Knowing?

Many of us are adamant that we are among the best and most skilled drivers to live. These subjective claims might be supported by the fact that you ha...

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Motoring Offences and How to Avoid Them

Here we look at the various ways that the ordinary motorist can fall foul of the legislation in relation to various motoring offences. On the basis ...

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Following a recent speech by Ian Kelcey at the Law Society's Criminal Law Conference and a subsequent article published in the Law Society Gazette re...

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