Government announce plans to curb Whiplash Claims

Following the governments behind closed doors meetings with the UK's biggest insurers they've announced their plans to reform the diagnosis procedure for Whiplash Injuries.

Jonathan Lavery who works in Vincents Personal Injury department and who deals with hundreds of Road traffic Accident Compensation Claimants many of whom suffer from Whiplash injuries commented:

" It is important to remember that the insurance industry themselves have created a system of settling personal injury claims where the claimant has obtained no medical evidence or legal representation though so called ‘pre medical offers’. Insurers lacked the foresight to see that this would lead to a rise in the number of claims being made and now seek to argue that claims are being widely exaggerated.

Whiplash injuries are without doubt difficult to definitively diagnose. However, the insinuation by insurers that the current system is facilitating fraudulent claims is simply not true. If insurers themselves were prevented from making offers to settle claims without claimants being medically assessed it is much more likely that the so called ‘whiplash epidemic’ would soon subside."