Ministry of Justice sets its sights on protecting uninsured drivers' from paying for their actions

Having an accident is never nice, but when you are involved in a road traffic collision with an uninsured vehicle, these problems double.

For years, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau have stepped in to handle these claims. There are two, rather complex, agreements that govern the claims that they will settle and those that they will not and the costs paid to lawyers for handling these claims are low and, in some cases, non-existent.

The Ministry of Justice now intend to reduce these even further. Many firms will not act for Claimants when their claim proceeds against the MIB and that number is only likely to increase with the costs paid to firms reduced even further. The costs paid to firms are recovered from the uninsured drivers and so the government is spending time and money on a consultation to make it harder for genuine Claimants and cheaper for uninsured drivers.

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