Newcastle Floods Claims

 Emergency Services received over 1,500 calls yesterday as a result of the freak thunderstorm and the chaos caused on the roads that followed.  All major routes in and around Newcastle were closed resulting in traffic stand stills everywhere.  Many homes around the region also had to be evacuated due to flooding, power cuts and lightening strikes causing fire.

Police and firefighters worked through the night to rescue people from their cars as they became flooded by the sheer volume of water on the roads.  

One traveller commented "On a normal day my journey from Gosforth to the coast would take 40 minutes in rush hour traffic, last night it took 6 hours to make that journey.  My children were terrified, around every turn we made to try and make our way home we were faced with a new deluge of flooding, with vehicles being abandoned everywhere.  We saw Road Traffic Accidents happening all around us, thank goodness we were fortunate enough to make it home safely even though it took hours."

If you received an injury as a result of the Newcastle floods you can get in touch with us today and we can advise you how to make a claim for compensation.  Call one of our Personal Injury team on 0800 310 2000.