Transport Select Committee Whiplash Claims Review

 The House of Commons Transport Committee is to examine the actual impact of whiplash claims on the cost of motor insurance. Much has been made by the government of the purported figure of £70 per year that whiplash claims cost each motorist and the committee is to examine whether this is true or just a figure created by the insurance industry to make it more difficult for the thousands of genuinely injured people each year to claim compensation for them.

The insurance industry has had all their requests granted by the government and this could limit the access to justice that claimants can get as it will become more and more difficult for lawyers to provide quality representation to people with injuries sustained in a road traffic accident.

While we welcome the move by the Committee and hope that they will examine all the facts and not just those put forward by insurers, here at Vincents Solicitors our expert road traffic accident team remain committed to providing representation, help and assistance to any and all persons injured in road traffic accidents when others may turn you away.

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