Increase in key workers and younger people making a Will

Virtual Wills opening doors for younger generation

Lancashire law firm Vincents Solicitors has seen an upsurge in enquiries for Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), including those from younger people in the wake of the Covid pandemic, says private client solicitor Lisa Lodge.

“Typically, Wills and LPA enquiries are predominately from older people, often facing ill health which prompts the desire to ‘get their affairs in order’. The majority of new clients over the last few months have been in that category, particularly as the risk with Covid-19 increases with age.

“But, despite many key workers and their families being in the younger age groups, their daily risk of exposure has encouraged many to contact us to make a Will or set up an LPA.

“Going to see a solicitor about something like this can be quite a daunting experience and we know it is something people put off. I’ve had people tell me they feel like they’re tempting fate or jinxing their good health by even talking about it.

“But the reality is that they are best placed to make those decisions while in good health and not having to do it in an emergency situation further down the line.

“I think the pandemic has focused a lot of people’s minds and even younger people, particularly key workers on the front line of this pandemic, are coming around to the idea that it’s a sensible precaution to take.”

Vincents is doing its best to help younger people to access their services by making appointments available at times to suit them, and offering video calls to avoid trips to the office.

“Social distancing has demanded imaginative solutions from many businesses, many of which will continue to help clients long into the future,” says Lisa.

“While unable to see clients face-to-face we embraced video technology which has been incredibly popular for clients of all ages. Older clients, who may be shielding or just being very careful, are enjoying using this new technology to deal with their legal affairs and also to keep in touch with family and friends.

“For younger clients, who are usually already familiar with the format, the advent of the video consultation can make the whole process a little less nerve-wracking and time-consuming, particularly if you’re working or busy with children.

“We can have a half hour chat while on your break at work or when the kids are watching TV, and then email over a draft for review. Once you’re happy with it we’ll post out a hard copy to be signed and we can even help with the witnessing over video.

“We can have everything done and dusted in just a couple of hours over a few days, with our team working from home. We’re just on the end of a mobile to answer any questions, and happy to chat any time of the day and night – including very early or very late if that’s best for your shift pattern.”

The government has also announced that Wills can now be witnessed remotely using video calls, which means anyone who is still shielding or being extremely cautious about their proximity to others, can still ensure their documents are validated.

Vincents’ offices are also now Covid secure, with screens and additional hygiene procedures in place, so meetings and Will signings can now take place at the branch by appointment.

For more information or to make an appointment contact Vincents’ Private Client team on 01772 555 176.