Planning for life with Covid

Lasting Power of Attorney instructions on the rise

Wearing a mask, keeping your distance and washing your hands; all things people are doing to try to prevent catching or spreading Covid. The potential implications of becoming ill with the new corona virus are obvious, and tragically more than 40,000 people have died in this country alone.

In the midst of this tragedy is the good news that many thousands of people have recovered from the infection, and thousands more have suffered only mild symptoms.

While hospitalisations are broadly down on levels seen during the early surge, some people are still requiring hospital treatment and even intensive care, sometimes for much longer than the expected two-week recovery, and the effects of the illness are still being felt many months down the line.

The potential for someone to be incapacitated for an extended length of time due to this virus has brought into focus the question of planning for all eventualities, particularly for businesses.

Here at Vincent’s Solicitors we have seen a sharp increase in the number of clients both new and existing seeking to establish Lasting Power of Attorneys to ensure their business and personal lives are taken care of, should they go down with the illness.

Being in hospital or very ill at home clearly will have an impact on all sorts of everyday things. If incapacitated, an LPA will enable someone else to take over tasks such as paying domestic bills from your own bank account, or applying for benefits in your name.

If health decisions have to be made or consent given, an LPA would ensure your wishes have been documented.

And for small business owners, an LPA could ensure you have a company to come back to, enabling someone else to step in and make sure the rent, staff and suppliers all get paid.

The beauty of an LPA is that it can be deactivated once you have recovered, as the changes don’t have to be permanent.

Clients can dip in and out of the process. So, if they are ill and in hospital for a while then their attorneys can assist, and when they are better they can take back the reins.

We can help to set up the LPA and advise on attorney requirements or even take on that role on behalf of the client ourselves as we offer a professional attorney or Deputyship service.

Call us for a free informal chat to discuss adding an LPA to the list of things you’re doing to protect yourself, your family and your business from the effects of Covid.  Alternatively you can email me directly at

Lisa Lodge, Director and Private Client Solicitor