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Dewlay Cheese to host tour and cheese tasting

Come along to our Wills and LPA's event next month, where we will debunk some myths and help put minds at ease.  We have teamed up with Dewlays Cheese factory near Garstang and Kendal’s Financial Management Bureau (FMB), to welcome local people to a fun and informal chat about planning for their future, topped off with a factory tour and cheese tasting.

This FREE event, which is on Wednesday, October 11 from 10am, is particularly for those who need to make or update a Will. It will also be of interest for anyone wanting to learn more about setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney to take over their business, property or healthcare decisions should they become incapacitated.

Guests will hear from our private client specialist Lisa Lodge about many of the assumptions people make about what happens to them, their money, their property and their business following ill health or death, and the pitfalls of failing to plan properly.

She said: “The only way to make sure your wishes are adhered to is to see them documented in black and white, otherwise it will be up to other people to decide what happens to your money, home and possessions.

“Don’t leave things to chance. Lasting Power of Attorney is the best way to set out what should happen in the event of an accident or illness such as dementia. Our experienced Professional Attorneys work closely with clients to carefully plan for all eventualities, and can liaise with family and friends if the LPA ever has to be enacted. This can include looking after business interests, making arrangements to prevent a home being lost to nursing home fees, and even sorting out alternative health treatments.

“When it comes a death, don’t assume the people you love will automatically benefit, the intestacy process can have unwanted results. Only through a Will can you make sure your loved ones - grandchildren, friends, a trusted carer, a charity, even your unmarried partner - receive the sums and gifts you choose for them.

“Updating a Will is just as important. We’ve seen families torn apart by arguments, and new partners forced out of their home simply because a document was out-of-date, adding further trauma to their loss. We can help make the arrangements and take on the Executor role to remove pressure from the family at a difficult time, and ensure things go smoothly.”

In addition to Lisa, David Edwards from FMB will be on hand to debunk the complicated financial jargon and simplify some of the terms that can put people off making their arrangements. He said: “It can seem like an overly complicated task, with conversations filled with phrases you may have heard, but don’t know the meaning of. If you've ever wondered what a Unit Trust is, or pondered about the point of a "wrap", you can find out here.

“We’ve been helping people unpick the complexities of planning for a financially secure future for 30 years, and there is so much that can be achieved with just a little thought and consideration. Together with Lisa’s legal advice, we really can help give people peace of mind.”

Following a brief Q&A, visitors will hear from the cheesemakers themselves about the business which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, before touring the factory and tasting some of its delicious cheeses.

To attend the free event email Lisa Lodge or contact our Garstang Office on 01995 606 442.

Pictured: Vincents Solicitors private client specialist Lisa Lodge