Vincents offers start up support

Scheme to help new small businesses and young entrepreneurs

New small businesses and young entrepreneurs are being offered a helping hand by a Lancashire law firm. Vincents Solicitors provides discounted rates and a breadth of legal advice for those starting up new ventures.

Led by the corporate and commercial department, with support from the private client team, Vincents aims to help new business owners get the very best start, ensuring their venture is in top shape.

“It’s not easy to set up a new business, but those with the vision and determination deserve all the support they can get. Those of us who have been advising businesses for many years can provide a depth of insight which could help reduce risk and problems in the future,” said Ross Wellman, Vincents’ commercial director.

New small business and young entrepreneurs receive a discount on their initial instruction, and can enjoy a business consultation free of charge.

“Often new clients come to us for support with their commercial property lease or help with incorporation. We can then take the opportunity to sit down and review other elements of the business, such as licensing, regulatory compliance, Ts&Cs, and employment queries.

“We also advise that they ensure their private affairs are in order, they have a power of attorney in place, and recommend early discussions about future plans such as exit strategies and links with other businesses where we could provide an introduction for example,” Ross added.

Young entrepreneur Adam Gardner has recently opened his first coffee shop Jonah’s at Preston’s new Box Market. Upgrading from a mobile coffee cart to proper business premises, he sought help from the law firm following a recommendation.

“I’ve been looking for a base in Preston for a couple of years but the price of shop rentals makes it almost impossible for an independent start up like me. Finding the Box Market was perfect as the rent is better, but also it’s a quirky, new location and felt like a really good fit,” said Adam, who’s middle name Jonah is used for the brand.

“I liked working with Vincents and they were great helping me sort out the lease and liaise with the landlord, which is actually the city council. I had to go through quite a rigorous process and they were really helpful, making me aware of questions I needed to ask, and were really supportive along the way. I’d definitely work with them again and recommend them to anyone starting out like me who needs that professional legal support to help underpin their new business.”

Ross Wellman added: “Adam is a great guy with loads of energy and a vision for where he wants to take this business. The coffee is great and the premises looks fantastic, I can hardly wait to see what he does next.”

Jonah’s at The Box Market is open seven days a week, 8am to 6pm.

Pictured: Vincents commercial director Ross Wellman (right) enjoys a warm brew with Adam Gardner at Jonah’s in Preston’s Box Market.