Your Rights by the Roadside

At Vincents Solictors, we understand that if you are faced with those flashing blue lights behind you when you are driving, it can fill you with dread; especially if you can’t work out what you have done wrong behind the wheel to warrant being pulled over. We are here to ensure you understand your rights by the roadside if you get pulled over by the police, and if you aren’t sure what can warrant you being pulled over, check out our handy guide!

Unmarked Police Car
If an unmarked police car pulls up behind you and you are unsure of whether it is an official car or someone that could put you in danger, you do not have to stop by the roadside. If a car does not stop for an unmarked police car and they need you to stop your vehicle, they will call for back up from a marked car to make it clearer that you are safe.

There are a number of times when people can be concerned about whether the police car flashing the blue lights is a genuine car, if you are unsure drive slowly to a garage or densely populated area – never speed away from a police car.

Producing Documents
The police can ask for a number of documents by the roadside including, driving licence, insurance certificate and MOT certificate; however, it is not against the law to not have these documents to hand. You will have seven days to take them to a police station after being pulled over, only then if you do not produce these documents within seven days after being requested to do so, you are then breaking the law.

Tickets and Points
For many minor offences, the police can give you an on-the-spot fixed penalty notice (FPN), these are less serious traffic offences such as careless or inconsiderate driving, using a mobile phone whilst driving, not wearing a seat belt and more. You can be fined up to £100 and receive penalty points on your licence.

The police can ask you to take a breath test if they think you have been drinking or you have committed a traffic offence, or you have been involved in a road traffic accident. Without a ‘reasonable excuse’ (genuine physical or mental condition stopping you from giving a sample), if you refuse to take a breath test or you cannot supply a sample of breath you can be arrested.

If you have been pulled over and require legal help, Vincents Solicitors can help with all kinds of motoring offences, get in contact today.