Employee receives £100,000 claim settlement from former employer

X was instructed by her employer to prepare ingredients to use in the manufacturing of cakes and biscuits without providing safe equipment. X recovered £100,000.00 against her employer.

X instructed Vincents Solicitors after she had sustained a severe injury to her finger whilst using faulty equipment at work.

X suffered a severe fracture to her left index finger and needed surgery to repair the finger and a skin graft to improve the appearance of the finger.

X was unable to work and missed the enjoyment of a pre planned family holiday. X was able to recover her loss of earnings, the cost of care provided by her family, 50% of the cost of her holiday, the cost of medication, aids and equipment and also future expenses.

The claim was handled by Olivia Robinson, Partner in the Personal Injury department. Olivia is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and has 10 years experience of claimant personal injury work.