£100,000 Settlement for Accident at Work

X, a builder, instructed by his employer to fit first floor windows without proper equipment received £25,000.00 for a fracture to ankle and heel.

X was fitting windows to the first floor of a building when the ladder he was using gave way and he fell 15 feet to the ground. The ladder that X was provided with by his employer was faulty. X sustained a fractured ankle and heel. As a result of the accident X was unable to work and X instructed Vincents Solicitors to bring a claim against his employer for the losses he had incurred.

X was awarded over £100,000.00 which included £25,000.00 for the injuries that he sustained.

The claim was handled by Olivia Robinson, Partner in the Personal Injury department. Olivia is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and has 10 years experience of claimant personal injury work.