Wrist lacerations Injury, settled for £8,000

X, a waitress, recovered £8000.00 after sustaining serious laceration to wrist after fall at work.

X was a waitress at a hotel. She had collected a tray full of glasses and was taking them into the kitchen. The floor of the kitchen had been mopped but the cleaners had failed to put up any signs warning of the wet floor. X slipped and dropped the tray of glasses causing the glasses to smash and cut her wrist.

X suffered lacerations to her wrist and damage to the tendons. X pursued a claim against her employer and recovered £8000.00 in compensation.

The claim was handled by Olivia Robinson, Partner in the Personal Injury department. Olivia is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and has 10 years experience of claimant personal injury work.