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Compensation for Rehabilitation and Future Care Needs

The injuries that most people suffer as a result of an accident resolve themselves in time, but there are people who are unfortunate and experience lasting difficulties.

What sort of things can I claim compensation for?

What many people do not know is that, in addition to obtaining compensation for your injuries in the past, present and future, we can also obtain the cost of providing you with the care and assistance you need. Our team of solicitors will walk you through your daily life and take detailed instructions on the things that you could do before your accident and those that, as a result of your injuries, you no longer can and in most cases provide you with a solution.
Just one example is a client who had an injured shoulder. She needed help to zip up her dresses and when that was not available could not wear them when she wanted. It is our job to minimize the impact of injuries that were not your fault and so the responsible person’s insurers paid for a device that enabled our client to zip up her dresses pain free and without assistance.

Can I claim compensation on behalf of a relative who looks after me?

Furthermore, if you receive care from a loved one we can recover the cost of care going over and above the care provided prior to the accident to compensate them for their time. While most family members provide this care out of love, why not claim for their time to compensate them for all they have done?
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