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NHS Negligence Claims

 There's no question that most of us in the UK would agree that we have an unrivalled health service, however that's not to say that sometimes standards in the NHS fall short of the standards that we'd expect.  We put our care in to the hands of the professionals and sometimes things go wrong, it's at times like this that those of us who have suffered may feel they need advice and help in tackling having a claim against the NHS upheld.  Here at Vincents we have a team of dedicated Personal Injury Solicitors who are experienced in handling NHS Negligence Claims.  What's more they're on hand to give you free initial help and advice, just call to speak to them.

What sort of things can I claim compensation for?

An NHS Negligence Claim can be made where there is an element of neglect from the medical professional whose care you have been under.This may mean they haven't followed usual standards of practice or procedure or have ommitted to do something during the course of your care that would have meant a better outcome for you and your health.

Here are some examples of those instances:

  • Mistakes made during Childbirth that have led to the death or injury to one or both of the mother or child
  • Errors made during surgery that have led to further injury, death or unneccessary scarring
  • Death or Serious illness or injury due to infection that was not related to the patients initial admittance to hospital
  • Injury or Death as a result of the use of defective equipment
  • Failure to make a correct diagnosis where the consequenses of misdiagnosis has a detrimental effect of a patients health
  • Mistakes made in dispensing of medication either administering the incorrect amount or the wrong medication entirely

What is the process when making an NHS Negligence Claim?

There are certain procedures that we have to folllow when making a claim for compensation on behalf of our clients against the NHS that mean the process can often be a lengthy one.  All NHS Negligence Claims are handled through the NHS Ligitgation Authority and all claims have to be internally investigated and a report produced back to us within a 6 week period.

What information do I need to make a NHS Negligence Claim?

In order to make a successful claim we have to prove Negligence, that means we will need a full account of the events surrounding your loss or suffering with as much detail about times, dates and staff members involved as possible.  We can do this together with you in an initial statement, any supporting evidence you have should be produced at this time, including photographs and medical reports.

How else can you support me during my NHS Negligence Claim?

We work with a team of independent expert witnesses who may also be in the medical profession, if necessary we can use their expertise to support your case by giving opinion based evidence or if you or a loved one has suffered severe injury that requires further treatment or rehabilitation we can secure interim costs to support you with this, this includes adaptation of your home or vehicle if necessary, we will also assess how your life has been altered as a result of your injury and assess whether you have ongoing future care needs.

How do I start to make a NHS Negligence Claims?

If you've suffered yourself, lost a loved one or you're supporting a loved one who is incapacitated due to NHS Negligence the first priority is to seek the right support and advice from experienced Solicitors.  This is what we do, we are here to take away as much of the stress and suffering from your situation as we possibly can.  The first step is simply a call, talk to one of our professionals and see if you feel comfortable working with us.




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