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Pharmacy Claims and Prescription Errors

 If you have suffered as a result of taking the wrong medication because it was incorrectly dispensed by your pharmacist you could claim compensation for your discomfort or injuries that have occurred as a result.

Pharmacists as with other medical professionals sometimes make mistakes.  If you have been prescribed and taken the incorrect medication it can have devastating effects on your health, either because of the side effects of the medication that you have been given or as a result of not receiving the correct medication to aid your existing health ailment. Or perhaps your prescription was incorrectly written up by your GP?

A recent study carried out by the General Medical Council found that more than one in every six patients who have been to see their GP and are put on medication are given a prescription with an error.  The study showed that over the period of a year that one in every 20 prescriptions contained some sort of error and that errors were most common among the most vulnerable people over aged 75 who took more medication.  There are approximately 900 million medication items prescribed each year in England, this equates to 45 million errors.

Our personal injury solicitors here at Vincents are here to provide free initial advice to anyone who has suffered as a result of a pharmacist or prescription error, simply call us to check if you are entitled to make a claim.



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