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Neck Injury Claims

Neck injuries are common - especially in road accidents – but serious damage can lead to lifelong disabilities. For most people, however, they are likely to experience varying degrees of whiplash, where the muscles and ligaments in the neck have been overstrained by the force of the collision.

Based in the North West, our expert teams are located in areas such as Garstang, Preston, Knott End, Colne and Longridge. And all this is a stone’s throw away from Manchester and the surrounding area. Vincents Solicitors can take the complicated legal case off your hands and get you the compensation that you deserve.

What Should You Do, If You’re Involved In An Accident?

If your neck injury has arisen from a road accident, be sure to write down the details of the other driver and take pictures of the damage done to both vehicles. However, if you’re in a critical condition, your first priority is to call for medical assistance.

It’s crucial that you see a medical professional, no matter how damaged you are by the accident. Record the severity of your injuries and follow the doctor’s orders – his or her diagnosis is important for your compensation claim.

Whiplash Injury Symptoms

Sometimes, whiplash symptoms don’t manifest until the morning after your accident. You may experience neck pain or stiffness, tenderness, reduced movement, and headaches, which get worse with time. Usually, it takes just an explanation of your symptoms for a doctor to diagnose you with whiplash.

You can experience whiplash from a forceful blow to the head (often during contact sports), a slip or fall, or being struck on the head by a heavy object – more commonly, whiplash occurs during car accidents, and that’s where the majority of neck-related personal injuries take place.

Why Should You Make a Compensation Claim?

With a neck injury, it’s unlikely that you’ll be moving around much and you may struggle to sleep comfortably. Time off work is almost inevitable, but not everyone can afford to spend days convalescing. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you can regain the money lost in unpaid wages and medical expenses by claiming for compensation.

The seriousness of your injuries may prevent you from returning to work permanently. If this is the case, Vincents Solicitors will ensure that you leave with enough compensation to support yourself. Get the help you need, with us.

How Much Compensation Will You Receive?

This depends on how affected you have been by your injuries, mentally, circumstantially, and physically. Get in touch with Vincent Solicitors to discuss your compensation options or use our Claims Calculator online for an approximation.

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