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Conveyancing Solicitors

We have specialist residential conveyancing solicitors here at Vincents. Our residential conveyancing solicitors will take you through the conveyancing process in a friendly and efficient manner making sure that the sale or purchase of your property is as smooth as possible. You can contact our conveyancing team, who will be more than happy to talk to you and provide you with a conveyancing quote.  

What is Residential conveyancing?

Basically Residential conveyancing is the legal transfer of ownership of property or land from one person to another. Our job as residential conveyancing solicitors is to make that process as simple as possible for you. We review the property title deed to ensure that there are no restrictions on future sales and ensure that once a sale is completed that you are named as the legal owner on the title deed (and are registered with the Land Registry as such).

What do I need to know about Residential Conveyancing?

We take care of all of the Conveyancing on your behalf. However, you can read our Residential Conveyancing Guides to find out more about the process whether you’re Buying a Property or Selling a Property. These Conveyancing Guides will give you an idea of how long the conveyancing process takes and what’s involved.

How much does Residential Conveyancing Cost?

Residential Conveyancing costs can vary depending upon the purchase or selling price of your property. However, our Residential Conveyancing Solicitors will be happy to go through everything with you. To obtain a Conveyancing quote you can call or email us or use the quotation system by clicking on the tab on the right hand side of this page.  There is no obligation to provide your personal details within the quotation system.

For any enquiries regarding Conveyancing Solicitors please contact our Conveyancing Solicitors department on 01772 555 176
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